The Barman's Fund helps those in need in our communities.


The Barman’s Fund tries to find opportunities to help with our time and our sweat as well as our money. Recently the New Orleans crew had a volunteer day with Habitat For Humanity helping put together a house for the Frazier family.

Two drop-offs yesterday! Gave money to Families Helping Families (above) for graduation materials that will help new graduates with mental disabilities to find jobs. Then, dropped off tons of art supplies for the Kingsley House summer programs (below).

Eleanor McMain was a prominent social worker and force for good in New Orleans at the turn of the century. She ran Kingsley House for over 30 years, created many programs, and even helped establish the Tulane School of Social Work. The McMain Citizenship Award is given out every year in her honor to a person or organization who has given outstanding service to the community. This year, we are proud to announce that the NOLA branch of The Barman’s Fund has been recognized with this award!

The NOLA Barman’s Fund loads up supplies for the New Orleans Women’s Shelter (Above) and the Fishes and Loaves food pantry (Below).

What’s next? Playing Santa! Keep an eye out for our toy drop off photos because one of the charities your money goes to this month will be the Children’s Hospital Christmas in July program.

A wonderful thank you card from the New Orleans branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The NOLA Barman’s Fund branch just provided them with a bunch of new chairs.

Two drops last week for the NOLA crew: above there is a ton of food for the Fishes and Loaves pantry, and below we are handing over our donations for the Lambda Center, which helps the community through substance abuse programs.

Thank you letters from Mrs. Inman’s and Mrs. Aronin’s classes. The Barman’s Fund sponsored art supplies for classrooms this spring. 

NOLA BMF is having a blood drive for a sick young girl. All blood types are welcome, please message ASAP to sign up. Drive will be at Hoshun on Tuesday the 8th 11-3. See flyer for more details.
NO/AIDS does more than just offering testing and distributing condoms. They have branches that help with housing, other medical services, and even their own small food bank. NOLA BMF has worked with them before, and this time our help came in the form of camera equipment to help with their youth outreach program.